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UAE Expert Civil Law Services

We deal in complex, multi-jurisdictional cases, including civil suits. TWAZEN AL ADEL has excellent practitioners, and Dubai's best civil lawyers are at your service. This legal firm is known internationally because of expertise across all civil law sides provided to our clients outside the UAE.

The qualities that mark us different from other firms are cooperation with clients, covering almost every legal division, and trustworthiness in assessing matters before beginning legal operations. The core of initiatives taken in any case is based on clients' requirements and feasibilities. Attorneys keep things very confidential, and matters are resolved within time and in the most affordable way.

Clients are satisfied with the fulfillment of commitments by delivering promised results through the experienced team, having in-depth knowledge of every legal matter.

Especially in civil law procedures, the rights and obligations are quite evident in the UAE. TWAZEN AL ADEL's Civil attorneys' team helps international clients in all the Civil Disputes in Corporate, Family, Maritime, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Property, etc.

TWAZEN AL ADEL offers his clients reliable legal services for banking law with excellence, and experience in law & proceedings all over Dubai for international clients, aiming to satisfy their requirements and resolve their complex legal matters. For legal international arbitration services in Dubai, feel free to contact us at +04-401-8457.