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UAE Expert Arbitration Services

In some cases, parties decide to compromise and deal outside the court to save themselves from expensive and time taking court procedures. This procedure is known as Arbitration, and both the parties settle on an agreement by the arbitration resolution.

TWAZEN AL ADEL always aims to serve its clients with all the possible solutions. Arbitration is one of the most powerful and productive methods to solve legal disputes. Therefore, our Legal firm provide our clients with highly efficient virtual Arbitration services to timely overcome legal disputes through the most cost-effective process. An experienced and highly professional arbitrator is always at service, guiding, and assisting clients throughout the legal process. Our lawyers have dealt with several complex multi-party business and family arbitrations.

Our team of legal consultants is always in action to refine the services to receive fair results and speedy resolution in all kinds of disputes. Dedication towards the matters and clients make us stand out in such a vast industry.

Opting TWAZEN AL ADEL for Arbitration services allows you to have an expert mediator to solve a dispute in the best possible way without spending a lot of money and time. Our expertise includes customized terms and regulations, discovery methods, an effective plea procedure, and many other legal abilities. With our virtual arbitration service, you can resolve a dispute while being out of the UAE. Our attorney handles all the matters in your absence.

We deal in all kinds of attriburtions, including contract disputes, real estate, construction matters, and commercial disputes throughout Dubai for our international clients. Our experts have vast experience dealing with corporate, commercial, and financial Arbitration. We are acquainted with all of the rules and regulations of The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

TWAZEN AL ADEL offers his clients reliable legal services for Arbitration, excellence, and experience in law & proceedings all over Dubai for international clients, aiming to satisfy their requirements and resolve their complex legal matters. For legal international arbitration services in Dubai, feel free to contact us at +04-401-8457