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TWAZEN AL ADEL, One of the most renowned U.A.E. based legal consultants, working globally to satisfy their clients in numerous legal matters professionally in the U.A.E. We have a history of serving our clients responsibly and energetically. We aim to provide our clients with the highest service standards with confidentiality, integrity, and caution.

We offer you our professional legal services and assistance internationally regarding legal cases within the country and assist our clients by an attorney in Pakistan, India & U.K, and more, dealing with legal matters inside U.A.E. in their absence.

Languages and nations don't matter to us. Our professionals are specialists in dealing with multilingual people efficiently. You can get all kinds of professional legal assistance from our Dubai lawyers and attorneys in all local and international languages, including English, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Farsi, Tagalog, and more.

Our firm's goal is to understand clients' requirements and provide the most acceptable UAE lawyer services at the most affordable rates. Our multidimensional specialties include drafting all kinds of memos, claims, and consultation on all legal matters and dept. collection attorneys.

In U.A.E, most of the international debtors face a tough time in collecting the money back. Not anymore! Our firm is standing with you in every legal matter related to the dept. collection. We have the best attorneys that deal with the situation accordingly. Now you don't need to pay expensive fares to collect your money or file a case against the creditors. Twazen Al Adel has a history of developing innovative and efficient strategies to get back your money while you are outside U.A.E. Whether you are in U.A.E or not, our attorney will handle all the matter and represent you in all allegations and legalities.

We offer the most affordable solutions for legal disputes and help our customers in understanding all the legalities with tranquility. To get yourself free from legal stress with better pricing and better customer service internationally, contact us now!



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  • Muhammad Salman
    Satisfaction is a guarantee if you chose Twazen as your legal partners, their experts are fully aware about the laws and specifically the sharia laws that are quite difficult for a person out of UAE. I appreciate the efforts and affordable price of different packages. Thank You for everything.
    Muhammad Salman
  • Farhan Yasir
    I am from Pakistan. I was looted by many of the firms. Then I found Twazen Al Adel, this company is very satisfying their reputable attorneys successfully executed my debt collection within the given time.
    Farhan Yasir
  • Ahmed
    Twazen, your efforts are much appreciated; you have helped me very professionally in my devastating legal disputes with very cost-effective packages. Thanks for everything perfectionists.
  • Kaoutar Abdallah
    The best legal service in Dubai for overseas clients, specifically if you are not available in the UAE. I am fully satisfied by the professionals who helped me in the complete process and helped me understand the difficult construction laws in UAE.
    Kaoutar Abdallah